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Bruna Lupo

Licensed Mental Health Counselor MH22195

Bruna is a Registered Mental Health Counselor intern that works to create a strong and genuine client-therapist connection and to promote a safe environment. Bruna's clinical work is based on working with clients from all walks of life and her goal is to foster healing and help clients live their life to their fullest.

She is passionate about helping clients achieve a better sense of self, happiness, and live an authentic life. 

Bruna works with adolescents and adults, mostly women. She specializes in parenting and relationship issues, relational trauma (adult children that experienced continuous trauma from parents through neglect or abuse; individuals that were in an abusive relationship, or individuals living with people suffering from addiction, or mental illness), and attachment issues. She also works with clients experiencing mood disorders, anxiety, panic and suicidality.

After pursuing a 14 year career in the corporate world as a sales and marketing professional, she found her calling in psychology and counseling. She earned her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida.

Bruna has a diverse background, speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish, and offers online and in-person counseling services.


University of Central Florida - Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling  

Languages Spoken:




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