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Nyrla Wollitz, M.S.

Registered Marriage & Family Intern, IMT2547

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, IMH19955 

Each one of us has a story...Some are happy and light while others are sad and filled with pain and grief! Regardless of our personal experiences, most of us carry parts of our stories in "imaginary backpacks," which we add to and lug with us as we go through life. So, what is in your backpack? How has your story impacted your life and your choices? Our past, wounds and scars do not define us! Healing is possible when you invest the time to explore your feelings and lighten the load you have been carrying. 


I believe counseling is vital for healthy living and can fundamentally change how we cope with our past and current life's demands. I strive to offer my clients a safe place where they have the opportunity to identify unhealthy patterns and learn a new way of living that will enhance their quality of life. We are meant to live and to live life abundantly! 


I love working with individuals, couples, parents, children, and teens as they navigate their relationships and life's curve balls that come our way! I realize it takes courage to make the first call and I will be honored to walk alongside you in this process of growth and change that you desire!  

All Friday sessions are via Telehealth only. 


Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy  

Prepare Enrich Facilitator 


Palm Beach Atlantic University - MS in Marriage and Family Therapy  

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"My daughter has been seeing Nyrla Wollitz for the past few months for anxiety and trauma. When my daughter first started seeing Nyrla, she was in a very difficult place in her life. She was having problems sleeping and making it through the day without breaking down. Nyrla has been instrumental in helping my daughter overcome her obstacles and challenges. Nyrla didn't only make a big difference in my daughter's life, she made a huge difference in my life. She gave me the encouragement that I needed to assert myself and because of the encouragement, I am a much better mother. Nyrla also bridged the gap between my husband and daughter's strained relationship. Our family is in a much better place now and we have peace in our home. Nyrla did not just help my daughter, she helped our entire family along the way. At times the process was tough and uncomfortable, but Nyrla was always honest, straight forward, patient and caring during the process. I will be forever grateful to Nyrla for brining hope, joy and peace back to my family."