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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Counseling last?

Overall – At Providence Counseling, we treat each person individually and work with our clients to develop a treatment plan and a course of therapy uniquely designed to fit their needs. With that in mind, counseling can last just a few weeks or go on for many months, depending on what you need to work through and your own pace and individual process.

Each session – is approximately 45-50 minutes.  There are times where clients request 80 minutes for an extended session, or 110 minutes for a double session.

What is the cost?

Fees range from $60 to $120 per session depending on the therapist’s credentials, experience and length of session.

Do you take insurance?

While we do not file insurance, we are happy to give our clients receipts with the required codes and information needed to file with their insurance companies for any reimbursement they are able to receive.

Do you offer weekend appointments?

Yes, there are occasional times where we may offer weekend appointments.

What is kept confidential?

At Providence Counseling, we hold your confidence in the highest regard and are committed to keeping this a safe place for you to speak freely whatever is on your heart and mind. Our office is HIPAA compliant to ensure that your identity and information (when you come, what you say, and the records of your visit) are all kept confidential. At the same time, there are important legal and ethical limitations on counselor-client confidentiality that you should discuss with your therapist prior to beginning counseling.