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“I cannot thank Providence enough for what you’ve done – We have our family back again.”


“We are thankful for our relationship with Tammie, as it has enriched our marriage and family. It is nice to know we count on her to fight for our marriage as much as we do!”


“When I came into counseling, I was very 'stuck'. Now I feel like I am actually "moving".... To a better place.”


“Liz is compassionate, loving, kind, & very effective in helping me to get through my troubles. It wasn't too long ago I started counseling and already she has gotten down to the root of the problem and I am doing so much better. Liz knows the techniques to help me help myself & uses them in the best possible way! I am SO grateful God has put her in my path for just this reason. She is an amazing counselor!”


“We needed help and had a brief window to work with. Tammie listened to our needs (with her ears and heart), understood our situation, integrated our insights as parents, respected our faith, worked up a creative action plan, connected with our child, and counseled with the right balance of empathy, instruction, and motivation. Our child has improved dramatically.”


“We started taking our four year old son to see Tammie because of aggressive behavior problems, such as hitting others, including me.  Even at his young age, she was able to assess the underlying problem and develop an effective treatment plan.  After a few weeks, his preschool teacher took me aside and said she didn't know what had happened, but his behavior had improved so much.  I then shared that we were taking him for counseling.  We continued to see Tammie, and noticed a major improvement in how he would handle situations that previously would make him very angry.  At a Mother's Day event at preschool, two mothers also commented on how his behavior had improved.  The best part is that he really enjoys seeing her each week, which is a blessing.  I'm confident that the emotional control that he is learning now will be helpful for the rest of his life.”