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Providence  Counseling was created to ensure that no one ever has to struggle alone. Tammie Mathews, with a genuine heart to help those who are hurting, founded Providence Counseling in January 2015. 

We are a family-like team of believers. We believe that hope is possible for everyone. When you choose to meet with one of our counselors, you can rest assured that you'll be met with compassion, understanding, and the right counselor to meet your needs. 

Our logo, the dove carrying an olive branch, comes from Genesis 8:11. "The dove came back to him in the evening and there, in her beak, was a fresh olive leaf. So Noah knew that the water level had subsided from the earth." 

This small gentle dove, with its olive branch, must have brought so much hope. Finally, Noah knew that the end of such a difficult time would be coming because the waters from the flood were lowering. Finally, there was evidence of hope for a new beginning. Providence Counseling reaches out to offer help and hope, like the dove with the olive branch after the flood. 

If you live in the greater Orlando area and are struggling, or simply seeking guidance, consider coming to Providence Counseling. We would be honored to help you. Our mission is to provide quality mental health, marriage, and family care delivered with a heart of hope. Our goal is that you will feel comfortable, understood, and encouraged.  

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