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Brenda Stutler, M.S.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Florida License: MH 12332

Virginia License: 0701009528

"Just as we cannot force a plant to grow but can take away the weeds and stones which prevent its development, so we cannot force anyone to such a personal and intimate change of heart, but we can offer the space where such a change can take place." -Henri Nouwen 

Brenda believes that the foundation for effective counseling begins with the connection between the counselor and the client. A strong therapeutic relationship is the underpinning for the theories and techniques to be effective and long lasting. Clients can expect acceptance, openness, encouragement, and accountability when working with Brenda. 

Brenda is a Certified Grief Counselor and Master ART Clinician. These targeted trainings are best suited to work with grief, loss, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Brenda also has extended experience in working with spiritual formation. Because of her age and life experiences, she connects best with clients who are 25 or older. 


Telehealth Only (Residents of Florida & Virginia) 


Certified Grief Counselor 

Master Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) Clinician 


University of Central Florida - BA in Psychology 

Palm Beach Atlantic University - MS in Counseling Psychology 


Life Experiences: 

Chaplain's Office at the Florida Hospital - Internship 

LifeLine of Central Florida - Board of Directors 

Local Church Ministry - Leader, Teacher, Speaker, and Governing Board Member for 35 years 


Brenda has been a widow since 2010 after being married for 30 years. Brenda's local family includes her adult son and her mother. 

Personal Thoughts: 

"There is a tripod of experiences in my life that ground me. First, there is nothing more important to me than my relationship with God. Secondly, I was raised in the Midwest on a working farm. Lastly, I was married for over 30 years before my husband unexpectedly died in 2010. From these pivotal experiences I learned about life's patterns, seasons, patience, resilience, perseverance, integrity, and the strong connection between action and consequences (good and bad). I bring those pieces into the counseling experience with the expectation we can discover the client's next steps." - Brenda 


"Brenda really has done wonders for me in so many areas. She has helped me to become a better man and husband day in and day out. I will always be indebted to her for what she has done for me in my life." 

"I feel as though I have an ally with worries, past issues that creep up into present day life, and my mental clarity as a whole. Brenda creates a safe and caring environment to not only help heal my troubles but gives me the confidence that I can handle life's large and small battles. I was skeptical of the ART therapy Brenda mentioned, but after going through it I can truly recommend it to anyone and will continue to sing its praises. Never have I ever been able to clear my mind of past emotional damage before receiving ART therapy."

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