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Laurin Cash, M.A.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, 


Laurin passionately enjoys connecting with God and people. Drawing on her faith as the

foundation of her life, Laurin is able to engage with others from a place of wholeness

that she has found in God’s redeeming love for her. Laurin desires to meet clients

where they are without judgement or expectation, with deep curiosity and care, as she

seeks to draw out their inherent value and unique strengths. She believes in building

relationships that foster safety and trust where people feel at home being their most

authentic self.

After earning her master’s degree in counseling, Laurin spent years gaining experience

and training in a variety of settings, including schools, treatment centers, a medical

home for the uninsured, and exposure to many types of modalities including equine

therapy, while embracing the honor of raising her three children. Laurin has found her

greatest joy in being a mother to three amazing now grown adult children and in her role

helping them navigate through the tough seasons of life and encountering unexpected

trauma, loss and grief.

Laurin’s areas of focus include all kinds of abuse, anxiety, depression, panic attacks,

borderline and other personality disorders, eating disorders, self-harm, suicidal ideation,

and teens exploring LGBTQ and sexual/gender identity issues. Laurin provides therapy

for adults, adolescents, couples, and families. She delights in the power of family work

where the relationship dynamics show up in real time and she can help family members

disrupt old patterns that cause harm, seeing how they are impacting one another. Then

they can rebuild a new system that functions more effectively creating a healthier,

happier family. She has a heart for helping those in crisis work to disentangle from some

of the trauma and wounds that are strangling healthy life and move toward healing,

growth, and ultimately, restoring wholeness.

Outside of work, Laurin loves spending time with her family and four pets, hiking,

traveling, horse-back riding, music, and anything outdoors.


1516 Hillcrest St Suite 307, Orlando, FL 32803  


Rollins College - Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling

Rollins College - Master of Arts in School Counseling

University of Florida - Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Reformed Theological Seminary - Internal Family Systems Therapy Training

Onsite Therapeutic Center - Experiential Therapy Training

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