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If not, He is still good

We talk about some hard stuff in my office; death, divorce, abuse, trauma, addiction, anxiety,

depression just to name a few. Being a counselor sometimes positions me to be with a person

during some of the worst times of their life. There are moments that I feel helpless, without

words, knowing there is nothing I can say that will take away the hurt.

While shopping recently, I saw this wall plaque and knew I had to have it for my office. A

simple reference to a powerful Bible story that exploded in my heart.

My first thought when I

saw it was that it would be such an encouraging reminder for clients who are struggling. And

while that has proven to be true, I realize that it was also meant for me. It hangs in a place where

I can see it throughout the session. And sometimes through the mutual tears that I am sharing

with my client I glance at it and take a deep breath.

Tons of rhetoric has been written by many theologians about this truth…and I have nothing new

to add. But I encourage you that on your worst day, in the darkest moments, in the heat of the

fire, you stop and remember this. Let it sink through the emotional pains that are heightened.

Let the truth bring calmness and peace to your soul. The reminder that no matter how bad the

situation is, how wrong the outcome feels, how disappointing the future looks, He is still good.

“The Bible tells me so.”

Brenda Stutler, LMHC

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